Innovation and Financial Engineering 2016

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the economy and a huge potential for growth

Many SMEs already use for financing their working capital.
In 2016, Efficient Finance’s R&D will continue to focus on this business segment and especially on mid-sized businesses. We plan to improve our disruptive model for SMEs working capital financing based on real-time financial information.

There are many factors that increase risks and create barriers to financing when it comes to SMEs, including lack of information, unreliable financial statements, limited corporate governance, high volatility in revenues.

As a result, SMEs are financed today mostly by commercial banks that maintain a geographical presence close to the SME that allows better risk management. The dependence on local financing (or very high cost non-bank financing such as factoring) limits the financial options, drives prices up and harms the SMEs chance to focus on sales and growth.

Efficient Finance engineered, a financial cloud based on our real-time information from customers to meet the challenge and break these constraints. uses real-time financial indicators that increase the business transparency and can mitigate investors risks. The solution allows more and cheaper working capital financing to SMEs to support their growth, but most importantly, removes the “geographical presence” dependency of SMEs on banks.

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Efficient Finance will continue the research and development in the areas we focused on in 2015 including:

  • Government and Cities financial solutions
  • Short term investment assets for institutional investors
  • Solutions to enable high-tech companies expend their business to financial services