When it comes to retailers, financing the supply chain is like with no other industry. Small details have big impact on the bottom line.

Efficient Finance has a unique expertise in retail supply chain and sourcing. We help retailers increase both profitability and DPO (Days payable outstanding) which is much more than any bank typical supply chain program can do.

Most importantly, we know that an approved vendor’s invoice doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be paid. Returns, quantity bonuses, inventory levels, seasonal sales, relationships and other factors may have a significant influence on the final paid amount.

Our supply chain program deals with these uncertainties and keeps vendors exposed at the optimal level to avoid over payments. As a result our SCF program can safely include almost all vendors (rather than only the “safe” ones) which, in turn, allows a real improvement in DPO.

Additionally, we also allow companies utilize their free cash to finance the sourcing under flexible terms without cannibalizing any income from cash discounts.

Can your bank supply chain program give you all that?