Efficient Finance Technology

Our technology is what turns a high-tech company into a financial leader and a financial company into a fin-tech innovator. Efficient Finance is both.

Efficient Finance unique Real-Time Finance platform allows us, as a technology company, to be also a cutting edge financial company. We carry financial transactions efficiently and mitigate financial risks in real time. Thanks to our information technology, we can sell any financial asset we buy immediately and deliver exceptional return on capital for ourselves and our investors.

We have been developing our IT platform for over 10 years. The system interfaces with various ERP systems quickly and securely in a multi-layer architecture that is easily customized to our clients’ business processes. We give special attention to our clients’ IT requirements and operational procedures and always leave them in full control of their information.

Efficient Finance’s systems process large volumes of financial information from our clients ERP systems. We manage real-time transactions and exposures, buy, package and sell financial assets and risks to multiple financial institutions and companies.

We continuously develop and enhance our technologies to support multiple financial services. We aspire to create an open platform that will allow us to bring additional financial services quickly and efficiently ourselves and by third parties.