Our Story

It all began when a group of bankers, financial executives and IT experts realized that there is something missing in traditional banking when it comes to financing SMEs.

It didn’t make much sense that financing and investment decisions should be made almost exclusively on historic financial statements, collaterals in bank branches that must be at a geographical proximity to the customer to “sense” the credit risk. Why shouldn’t real time information from clients’ financial systems be utilized to help SMEs optimize their working capital? Why shouldn’t SMEs pay reasonable rates based on their real credit risk rather than high rates based on statistical risks and other uncertainties?

In the beginning it was not easy: Building financial information technology from scratch that process high volumes of cash and has no space for “bugs” or errors; Securing funding sources with no track record and keeping true to our name by staying very efficient we delivered a new economic value to our growing number of clients.

Today, over a decade later, Efficient Finance delivers sophisticated financial solutions that utilize real-time information to finance billions of dollars with clients globally in various industries including retail, electronics, materials and communications. All, over a proprietary IT platform that runs thousands of transactions each year, automatically and efficiently. NEVERTHELESS, NOW IT IS REALLY THE BEGINING!