Efficient Finance over the Curve

All financial companies seek the best return for their investors. What makes Efficient Finance different is that while other companies generate returns within the market’s risk-return curve, Efficient Finance constantly stays over the curve.

How is that possible?

Businesses are usually financed based on their credit risk level. Their risk profile is derived from long and short term factors that some of them are unknown, and therefore, they drive the cost of financing up. Efficient Finance uses real-time information from companies’ financial systems to remove these uncertainties and reduce financial risks. For example, when we can tell from a customer systems that a payable is expected to be paid then we can finance its supplier, who may have a lower credit rating, at a price that is good for the supplier buy still higher than the price that reflects the receivable credit rating. Or, if we know in real-time that a company received a binding purchase order for an inventory, then the risk of financing it may be different than the risk of the company itself. Large portion of Efficient Finance business include financing companies that are more “risky” based on the credit risk of their business partners who have higher credit ratings, or, on removal of financial uncertainties. Such transactions contribute to the return while reducing the financial risk and this is exactly the source of the “over the curve” return that Efficient Finance has been delivering for over a decade.