and Cities

Helping local businesses and supporting growth should be high on the list of every Government Office.
But is it really so?

It is both what every voter expects from its representatives and eventually the source of the taxes which allow the representatives to do good things for their cities, states and nations.

The problem is that most governments and cities do in many ways exactly the opposite from helping businesses. They don’t pay on time and by doing so they start a chain reaction of companies that don’t pay on time. It creates a working capital financing problem that makes it more difficult for small business to compete and grow. EF can help change all that. We know how to harness the good credit rating of the government, or the city to remove the financial burden from the businesses while creating a new economic value for the government.

Efficient Finance’s technology is especially valuable in countries in which small and mid size business (SMEs) suffer from shortage in financing (for example due to financial transparency) and where there is a large potential of economic growth (for example in exports) within the SME segment.

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